Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Tjuetredje Desember

Today is the last day and Christmas has begun! I started the day with my daily tea in a mug M made me, it was black tea with cinnamon, rooibos, ginger, vanilla and irish cream, it was very good actually.

Then my mother came and I started on dinner and decorating.

This is a cross stitch I designed some time ago.

Somebunny was delighted that we got a tree, it is from my father-in-lawns yard so it is ok for the bunnies to munch on.

And after dinner we ate blueberries we picked this summer at my mother's cabin.

I know which decoration is M's favourite, can you spot it?

Since I have so many pink items around I decided to have more glitter, pinks, silver and gold this year. The star is from my grandparents so it is quite old.

And since it is the night before Christmas here in Norway we had to of course watch "Grevinnen go hovmesteren", it is equally funny each year and something I really have to watch.

And I am done with another pair of wrist warmers, the two that are left will be done by the time I go to exchange their gifts. And I must confess, I started another scarf, mostly because I thought the scarf I was making needed to be bigger, so I started again in the same coloured yarn and a bigger hook. I have given the rest of the gift and said that the rest will come eventually so there is no rush, just happy hooking with family watching Christmas traditions.

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