Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Tjueandre Desember

Today my tea was black wit cardamum, cinnamon, ginger, apple, and caramel. It was quite good, I have spent the day wrapping gifts. This year I have tried to buy more eco friendly wrapping paper made of actual paper that can be recycled. I bought some boxes that the recipient could use after and just tied a bow of hemp.

I used boxes I already had and just tied a bow around with leftover yarn, and attaches a heart from leftover wrapping paper and a couple of croched threes.

This one is simply a used box with a string and crochet threes attached with a clothes peg. I think looks manly and most of the recipients don't really spend too much time thinking about their packaging anyway so why spent so much time and money on it?

I have cleaned and vacuumed the room for our Christmas guest.
Washed the bathroom, done three loads of washing, shined the kitchen, now there is only the living room left, but I need M to carry some boxes into the storage first, if he ever comes home from work that is....

It now looks a bit more Christmassy and welcoming.

The scarf is almost done too! 
The two wrist warmers will have to wait since that deadline is on the 27th. But M's need to be finished, but I am sure I can manage that.

And since it is Tuesday tunes today, here are some of my favourite songs that get me in the spirit!

The newest tradition, I have the whole cd of Hello Project Christmas songs, and I love them. Kago on the top of the pyramid is adorable and I love her voice, so happy she is in Girls beat.

I am sad they seem to have retired this song, because it really helps me to get into Christmas spirit.

This is one of the two movies I need to see on Christmas eve whilst I get dressed for the evening.

this is the second. I loved these as a kid and I love them still, in later years the candy eating and dressing whilst watching have subsided and I have started frantically crocheting the last gifts instead.

I really love this musical, although I never saw it complete when I was little, this was the one with the best quality I could find. What I do love watching that NRK stopped showing was "Den spanske Flue" which is funny still.

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