Friday, 18 December 2015

Attende Desember

Today my mother came over for our annual baking day. Usually we do it at her place, but this year we did it here. With my decadent breakfast cake from mum I had my advent tea anti was green with ginger, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, pepper, soursop and orange. 
My mug for this day was the one I made myself at my hen-do.

We made these two types, which coincidently is two of my favourite kinds of Christmas cookies. Mum forgot her cookbook so we had to find recipies online, which were unfamiliar so it took a while, but in the end they turned alright. They might very much not last 'til Christmas, but mum left her device to make more so I can make more if they mysteriously disappear...
  So now we have five kinds, I am not so sure we will make the last two kinds, there aren't that many types I am fond of, so what is the use of making something no one will eat?

Oh, and I am set for Christmas, I got this from my friend for my birthday, it is a lovely dress, that actually fitted! Even my mother asked if that was my attire for Christmas eve so I guess it was festive enough.

Look, a yawn! 
Valmin and Mimle are not the bests hosts, most of the day they hid, but when the humans went for the sofa they ran up and told us there was no space for guests in it. We bribed them with treats so they got down eventually. Little trolls.

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Brenna said...

Haha that yawn looks like "oh no she didn't!!"