Thursday, 10 December 2015

Tiende Desember

Today's tea is black tea with cardamum, cinnamon, ginger, apple and caramel. It was delicious, seems like they are trying to use a bit of the same ingredients to make all the teas taste a bit the same but you can taste the differences between them.
 I L O V E this cup, one of my favourites, I only have one, but I would love the whole set, too bed shipping to Norway costs a lot, I got this from a forum member last year. 

Happy birthday to my friend, I finished your present just in time. Hope you'll like it. The paper is bought with  you in mind too.

I was packing presents whilst watching Kirstie's homemade Christmas, I really like Kirsty and I love watching programs where I get tips on presents to make or decorations to make, really helps to get in the spirit!

M complained that I didn't really show the bunnies lately, but this is the reason, in the days they do two things, sleep under the stool/table or they mug me for treats before going back to sleep, so there isn't really that much to talk about, but here is a picture of grumpy bunnies trying to sleep.
But I did get to get back at them because Valmin woke me up the other day at seven wit lots of noise, he was doing laps back and forth (why do laps back and forth when he can actually run around the house?) for a while, I couldn't go back to sleep so I got up....

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