Monday, 21 December 2015

Tjueførste Desember

I like this mug, although I have to drink my tea rather fast before it turns too cold. Today it was black tea, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, nutmeg, pepper, orange peel, vanilla and apple. Kind of hard to taste the vanilla, orange and apple. I do wish there was more taste in these. I have spotted some places that sell these half off online and I am debating whether or not I would like one. I mean I love having tea of the day, but these are rather bland and boring, so I might just search for other tea-calendars, I have spotted at least one more.

I have finished one half of the last wrist warmers, this one looks big, but that it because it is for M. He has bigger hands than me.

The scarf is now either halfway or one third. I have used up one skein of the lovely red alpaca yarn I bought on sale last time I was up at my mothers.

Oh, and we web-shopped our Christmas groceries this year, and splurged on home delivery, although truth be told, we got a discount and because of that we decided to "use" half of that to have them bring everything to our door. Very time saving when one does not have a car. We would have taken four trips to the store to buy all this I think.

Bunnies smell M is munching on an apple, and although they already got a taste they are trying to get more out of him. Best to stand and eat so nobun can jump up and steal food from ones mouth again.

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