Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Baking, colouring, crocheting and bunnying around the Christmas tree

Today I had my tea (caramel and vanilla, I am hooked) in my crazy bunny mug that I made almost ten years ago I think.
Also I finished the second to last Christmas gift, the wrist warmers for my cousin. Yay me.

The bunnies gave me this Christmas colouring book for my birthday and I have been having lots of fun colouring, thank you buns. 

For Christmas I got the pink heart tin from our neighbour with glittering sparkles and the bake it easy serving and baking tray from my family-in-law, the gingerbread form thingies in the tin are mine, and the others I gave M for Christmas, and with all this baking things I felt inspired and make more cookies with M.

I even added some pink edible sparkle left over from our wedding in some of them. They were yummy even though M went to the store to buy white chocolate and came home with dark chocolate, his excuse was that the plastic around was white. >.<

The tree is having a hard time with these guys around.

Valmin is quite good at getting to the branches and chewing one off. Mimle usually tries to steal from Valmin or eats his leftovers because she does not work for her food. She is also known to just stare at her human until said human picks some needles from the tree to her. Said human is me, btw, in case you were wondering. 

A close up of the second to last wrist warmers, I really like these, I didn't use any pattern, I just looked at several and made them after my own hands. I hope they fit...

And I have started on present number two for next year;)
Yes, I still have one half wrist warmer left of this year's present making, but my cousin did get his present from last year this year, so isn't that already a tradition?

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