Monday, 7 December 2015

Sjuende Desember

Today's tea was rather shockingly just one ingredient long, black tea.
But it was good.
My friend could not make heads or tails of the knitted hat pattern either, so we will just fudge it I think. That means tomorrow I will finish one hat, and then there is just the crochet hat to go of the hats. Crocheting is hard on the hands these days so it is good I am getting better at knitting. I do wish though that I didn't have to fudge the hat recipe but properly finish it like in the pattern since I am learning to knit and reading and understanding patterns. Oh well. The hat will look good regardless ,I guess.

Today my friend and I were good and healthy, we met as I said, ate spinach soup and then went swimming, our local  swimming centre has monday evening water gymnastics, and it is a lot of fun, we are getting less scared of the water AND a proper workout. Last time I was sore for a week.

Lucky number 34 locker too.
This was a good day. After swimming we ate a banana and some crackers, who knew moving about could be fun? I am more of an sitting in the sofa crafting whilst watching TV kind of girl, but now apparently I am a swimming girl too... And earlier I did say I liked green, very peculiar.

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