Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Niende Desember

Today's tea was delicious, black tea with cinnamon, ginger,cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, pepper, orange peel, vanilla and apple. I like vanilla.
I didn't really sleep much last night, so today I have basically sat on the sofa all day trying not to fall asleep, I think I need to capitulate soon XD

But I was a bit productive!
I finished the last of the hats, fixed the threads after i took the picture of course and forgot to take a proper photo. But you can really see the cat ears in this one, here is the pattern if anyone wants to give it a go. This is the third hat I make out of this pattern, really easy, looks good and takes about an evening, at least when you have co-operating fingers.
Speaking of co-operating fingers, on Monday I did water gymnastics, and last time I was sore for a week, this time, nothing. Maybe because there was a different program or I didn't give it my all. It was hard though.

 I made ten hats this year, four crocheted and six knitted.
Also I can see I am getting better, yay me.

And I have another semi-finish! One half of a pair of mitts, or wrist warmers, this time I tried to make a half thumb. I got the pattern from somewhere, if I find it I will share it, but I think it is on the iPad and I am on the computer... But I have heftily modified it, but honestly I think it looks really good. Making the body took forever though, so I hope I have time to make another, it is not really good etiquette to give away half a present is it? Unless the recipient only needs one mitt?
I have two more pairs of wrist warmers to go, although keeping with tradition I could finish the one for my cousin next year, since he is getting his hat from last year this year?

And I must confess making proper knitted mittens is alluring, but I must be strong, knitting still takes me forever and I won't have time to make the rest if I start any knitting gifts (other than the last knitted wash cloth that is). Although apparently when you master socks, mittens are pretty much the same, so next year, next year I will make socks and mittens!


Brenna said...

To be honest, I think mittens are easier than socks!

Vilje Vanilje said...

Then I am sure I can make at least a pair for next year! I love the pair you made me :) It fits perfectly at least when I don't have long nails and the yarn is warm and perfect in colour but it is getting a bit too loved these days and I need another pair...