Friday, 4 December 2015

Fjerde Desember

I awoke before the alarm bell with stiff and hurting hands, I put them under the duvet and tried to sleep more. I failed, so I sat in bed with my iPad and soon M awoke and we could eat breakfast finally. Very Christmassy today, yoghurt with liquorice and yoghurt with caramel. Tine makes such peculiar seasonal yoghurts that actually fit the seasons! 
And today's tea was black tea with ginger, cloves, star anise with masala chai, peppermint, and anise, I really liked this one, it fit nicely with my liquorice yoghurt. 

Then I went on another tradition that started when I moved out, my mother and mine pre-Christmas shopping trip. A whole day with different chores and lots of items checked off the lists. My mum is almost done with her list (I helped), I even gave her some friendly tips on gifts for me ^^
Then we had lunch, shopped some more and went home and had dinner.
M was home sick and vacuumed, I could tell for a short while, then I gave the little trolls new toys. They got one each of the same toy, since they can't share.

But apparently one was much better and they fought each other for it and ate it all up. Now our rug looks less vacuumed. But they had fun.

I _almost_ finished another hat, but I have no idea how it is supposed to be finished off, I am going to take another look at it with fresh eyes tomorrow I think...
But for now I am going to bed.

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