Saturday, 19 December 2015

Nittende Desember

Today is M and me's three month anniversary, and we are going out to dinner and a movie with another pair. Unfortunately for me, we are watching Star Wars which is not exactly my thing but M wanted to see it so we are going. In true marriage style of compromise.
Before we are having sushi, which is awesome, I am more exited about that actually.

My breakfast was a bit more healthy than this, I started with a yoghurt XD
The tea was surprisingly just lack tea, since I have already had that once I am going to assume that there are duplicates of tastes, because all other tea ingredient list were so long it felt like a novel I haven't bothered checking to see if there were duplicates you see.

And I haven't finished anything, but have started plenty.
The last of the washing cloths for my aunt, this one has hearts, I am positive I will finish this in time! So close, I just need to not start anything new...

Wrist warmer mitts for M... Almost done with number one. So this is the last of the wrist warmers I will start and none have a second yet, so I am sure everyone will get only one this Christmas, but that is fashion right?

Oh, yeah, I have been bad. Not the kind santa frowns upon, because in the end it will be good. I started another present, this will be another scarf, in alpaca this time, so hopefully easier than the ones I did in mohair which btw took me about a day to make, so I remain hopeful.
You know, I might need something simple to bring with me to the cinema anyway, right? That justifies a new start, right? Right?

I hope most of you have come further than me with all the presents. But there is only four half wrist warmers, one (or two) scarfes, and the washing cloth left, I can do that in four days right? 
And since some of these presents will be given in Boxing week there is still lots of time!

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