Saturday, 12 December 2015

Tolvte Desember

Today we went to my mother-in-law for the annual Finnish gingerbread cookies baking day. It usually takes all day to make a double batch, one for us and one for them. The exact thing we do with mum.
 M needs to listen to a CD of awful Finnish Christmas songs sung by not so talented children. Very cosy, but oh, so Finnish. I know it is a tradition of his, but one that I don't mind us continuing.

I make lots of little rabbits, but I do confess I have trouble eating them when they look like rabbits, but I prefer the dough anyway, so that is ok. These Finnish gingerbread cookies are better than the Norwegian ones I must confess, but I never really was a fan of gingerbread. I was the kid that would decline gingerbread, shocking right? So I do understand when my mother would say that she didn't want to bake them, but decorating was fun I remember, although these Finnish ones won't get decorated, I think they taste better without.

We started with lunch at the in-laws and I drank in a Finnish Moomin mug some Finnish tea, this one was called The wise ones and I felt it fitted the season. Later we had pizza, it was delicious, oh, and carrot cake, which was good too:)

I finished one half of another pair of wrist warmers. Thicker yarn equals faster finishes, but I ran out of yarn so I need to wait until the rest is shipped before I can finish this, that is the trouble with thicker yarn, less yardage.
By the way, that is M's hand, since it is for a male I thought it better that the model was the same size. My hands are very small, like my head and I struggle to make clothing for men because whenever I think something must be big enough it barely fits most men....

Today's tea came in the evening when we returned home, it was delicious, green tea with peppermint, orange, cinnamon, roasted chicory, vanilla and Irish cream. I do like Irish cream in this, and since most tastes are so subtle I can't tell what it is supposed to taste like without the ingredients list I think that if someone doesn't like one of the ingredients they will still like these teas.

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Brenna said...

Not so talented children?! They are winners of the children's song contest show, you silly! :D (and two of them are Romani which is why they sing "weird", I asked mum as a kid :p)