Sunday, 20 December 2015

Tjuende Desember

Yeah, again with the cakes for breakfast, since it is the last Sunday in advent I took out my Christmas mug, today my tea was green with cinnamon, ginger, rose and peppermint.

M went out into the wilderness AKA his parents yard and cut down a three for us. I am sure the bunnies will love it because it is for chewing.

I finished TWO presents today which I am wildly proud of. The last washing cloth for my aunt and the first pair of wrist warmers. So today we have been mostly making our guest room ready for a guest, making presents and wrapping presents.

Sorry about the blurry photo, but holding the iPad whilst trying to push the button was hard. But it is finished, and this was the hardest of them all with a very slow-going pattern.

There is only four days left until Christmas, and I have four presents left to make, think I will make it?
But at least one of the people will get a pair of wrist warmers;)

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